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Liposuction                                                         (Click here for before and after photos)

This is a very common procedure which more and more people are considering to remove fatty deposits from virtually all areas of the body.

Consultation will help you determine which areas of your body have disproportionate amount fat and how Dr. Goldman can remove the fat to bring your entire body into better proportion.Boris Goldman, MD, FACS - Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center, LLC - Liposuction


Liposculpture is a refinement of traditional lipsuction. This technique requires injecting a large amount of fluid into the areas to be treated. This fluid makes surgery safer and more effective by decreasing bleeding, swelling and pain. It also makes the fat deposits easier to remove. The fat is then removed with a fairly long tube, called a cannula, which is attached to a suctioning device. The incisions for this procedure are tiny, about a quarter of an inch long. They are place in strategic areas so they are hidden and leave minimal scars.


You will bruise and be sore for a few days after surgery. Most people, depending on the extent of the surgery, will be back to work in a couple of days. A special compression garment needs to be worn for a period of time after your surgery. Overall, this procedure is relatively simple with quick recovery time and outstanding results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I have fat removed from one area will it just come back in another area?

No. Not all the fat cells are removed from the areas you are concerned with. Those areas can still become fat, but you will just gain weight more proportionately than you did before the procedure.

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