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Restylane Injection

Restylane, like collagen, is a filler material used to decrease the appearance of wrinkles or scars by adding volume. It can be used to enhance the appearance of the lips, nasolabial folds (smile lines), lower eyelids, and many other areas. Dr. Platis feels that Restylane offers a distinct advantage over collagen for many facial treatments because it lasts longer and therefore requires fewer treatments. Dr. Platis is a pioneer in Restylane injection techniques and, along with his nurse Shannon Quante, is one of Chicago's leading Restylane practitioners. Boris Goldman, MD, FACS - Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center, LLC - Restylane


Using a tiny needle, Restylane is injected into the areas requiring filling.


The results are immediate, and actually improve over the next several days. It is not uncommon for patients to develop some pinkness around the treated areas, but this will usually resolve in 48 – 72 hours.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Restylane?

Restylane is a purified human protein called hyaluronic acid which occurs naturally. Because it is found naturally in our bodies there is no risk of patients having allergic reactions to it as sometimes happens with collagen.

How long does it last?

One of the advantages to Restylane as compared to other filler materials is that it lasts longer. Patients usually can expect Restylane to last approximately six to eight months depending on the area treated. Often results last longer, but no guarantee can be made as to its duration.

* All patients must be off Vitamin E, Omegas, Co Q10, Glucosamine/Chondroitin, Fish Oil , Aspirin, Aleve, Advil/Motrin/Ibuprofen, Alcohol (especially Red Wine), Steroids and Arnica 2 weeks prior. Green tea and herbal supplements should be avoided as well. 

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